Easter week 1


The first week of the holidays has come to an end and as always we have had a varied week. Throughout the week we have distributed Easter Eggs thanks to the generosity of EJ's swimming school and Citroen. In addition to this we have 3 Helping Hands groups in and who have visited and escaped from the Contagion games room, caught the ferry to South Shields to visit 'The Word' and another group also went to South Shields but played 2 games of laser quasar and tonight we have a group practicing their best Torval and Dean routines at the ice rink. Following on from our International women's day event where different young women came together we organised a follow up event which saw us meeting at the Phoenix DYP office and thanks to the generosity of Taz and Ghaffar who donated henna and samosas we had a fantastic afternoon. Two girls kindly painted everyone's hands in some amazing designs and there were some fascinating discussions about growing up, school, culture and religion all of this whilst eating samosas which for some was a first. 

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This week we have been involved in the National drive to raise awareness of childrens mental health.

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Well ive done it again, ive neglected the blogs, but i promise you despite the silence on here, we have been up to alot of exciting stuff and il do some catch up blogs to let everyone know some of

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