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We had our annual Oban trip again in may and what an exciting and fulfilling trip it turned out to be. We faced everything from 20mph winds to scorching sunshine. 

we started the trip as usual early on the thursday morning when we packed up the bus and kayaks and headed north. The drive up was as uneventful as we could hope and we even managed to spot some deer and birds of prey.

once at oban we set our campsite for the first night and headed in to town to catch up with our guide and get a bite to eat.

we planned for the weekend looking at weather and what would be achievable before heading back to camp for an early night.

the next morning started well with bacon and bean wraps and collecting all the kit we needed. we had to wait for the winds to drop before we could head off as it was blowing strong. we eventually set off about 2pm with some mild winds with strong gusts. However as we were paddling the first 20km stretch to camp, the winds and swell picked up. we slogged against if for a couple of hours and made it to camp with no capsizes and only one seasick worker (myself). no sooner had we hit camp than the sun came out and we were left with a beautiful evening. 

The next morning was an early start for a big days paddle. we set off from camp and paddled the isle of seil before a coffee break at Easdale. This was in preparation for a 6km open water crossing to Mull. The crossing took about an hour and a half but by 3pm we were there. We set up camp on Mull and waited for a weather update for the following day to determine what we would do. The weather had been sunny and calm all day and looked like it would be even better the next day.

Sure enough the next day was calmer even than the day before, making the final 22km paddle a fun but tiring journey. we were off the water and heading home by 3pm on the sunday having put in an impressive 69km over 48hrs of paddling.

It was an amazing expidition that taught the young people the importance of sustainability and how to persevere when things are tough

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