The Broomsticks

Some of the Broomsticks sand sledding

This was a group of young women who formed from 2 friendship groups so while we knew them all, several of them didnt know each other. For several of the young people it was their first night away from home and for some it was the first time they had been somewhere so rural and remote.. This weekend provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. There were great discussions about school, families, friendship and plans for the future, as well as learning new skills such as cooking, broomstick flying and rock pooling.

Here are some quotes from young people:

"I like comming away with the phoenix because it just gets me out the house and i forget everything"

"The thing i like is when we all went to Alnwick castle and i also enjoyed the sand sledding and we all had fun"

"I really like the view of our upside beach house"

"I like coming away with phoenix because its a new experience and it gave me a chance to do something else than being at home in my room"

"i liked going away with the phoenix as it was fun and exciting. Coming with the Phoenix helped me meet new people, and it also allowed me to try new things id never done before. My favourite activity was when we went sand sledging. I liked this because we all had time to socialise and have fun. I would like to do something like this again with the phoenix as i enjoyed and liked meeting new people" 

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