May half term

Skate Park

well, it keeps happening, due to the ever hectic life of the youth worker, ive fallen behind on blogs. blogs to follow in the next few weeks include Oban and a general blog.

But lets start with the half term. its been a classic busy one for us with loads of activities despite the bank holiday monday. Tuesday saw the start of activities with a Helping Hands session. 


Wednesday saw the second Phoenix Family Fun Day with loads of activities, giveaways and live music for the young people, this was followed by a group out to inflatanation.


thursday saw us out with Club 1 playing foot golf and pitch and putt, a new activity for many.


friday saw the young mams at the sensory room and a trip to a trampoline park. all these activities (including the blog have been bookended with one to one and crisis work)


Now it may seem like we spend alot of time having fun, and we do. But the activities prove as a valuable tool for getting to know young people, which then often leads to one to one and crisis support, as a friendly face goes along way when you dont know who to turn to. the second thing it provides beyond the fun, is new experience, either through challenging themselves physically and mentally or through having fun with friends new and old. these weeks are manic for us, long hours and flying by the seat of our trousers (or shorts in my case) but they keep us on our toes and we always welcome the challenge

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Well, we've done it again, we've planned a summer, adjusted the plan as needed, and delivered another high paced and fun summer and in the blink of an eye, I'm sitting at my desk, drinking a cuppa

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stop the press, ive done it... just, ive got the week 5 blog out on time.

Well what's been happening in this nonstop week of Phoenix based fun.

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Week 4 was a week of water and wetness. 

We started off the week with some surfing at Tynemouth with the ToGetHer group, followed by A H.H visit to Kaspas.

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