PDYP Summer 2018. An Epic Adventure


well, as i sit here on a Tuesday morning with the grey skies of autumn creeping in (mike would say im being very poetic with that one) i have had a chance to look back at the PDYP Summer 2018 and can say without a shadow of a doubt, it was epic.

Lets start with a brief overview of the final week.

Week 6 saw another variety of activities including helping hands going to space golf, the construction scheme coasteering and the club 1 young mens fitness group spending a day building fires and learning survival skills, while exploring positive masculinity. 

If it seems like ive skimmed over the activities, its not because they weren't epic and valuable, but to go into detail on all of them wold lead to a blog that would wear out my finger tips typing.

So now for some statistics:

This summer has seen a total of 41 activities over the summer, including 4 nights of residential at Beadnell bay, trips as far North as Edinburgh Fringe and as far South as Flamingo Land. This saw a total of 246 young people benefit (this is interactions, not different individuals.)

we have supported 95 young people through 1 to 1 support including use of phones, access to food parcels and 1 to 1 crisis support.

Across the total summer including 1 to 1, detached, residentials and group work we have had interactions with 410 young people.

So, as ive now had time to digest how much we have done this summer (and a weekend to sleep) i can say that the summer is for me, the most stressful time of year. Everyday is different and depending on the groups, you can often be altering plans a day before. There's no such thing as set hours and some weeks you can be working 12hr shifts back to back just to get everything done. However, would i change it, absolutely not. The summer for me is always the test and reward of the hard work over the previous year, developing groups and organising what can seem at first, a chaotic mess of flip chart. Its a chance for young people to enjoy activities and meet with friends in environments they may not get to experience and for workers to break out of the box of some of the other work and emails we are often tied into at other times of the year.

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