Positive thinking fortune cookies

Think Positive

In some of the Helping Hands groups we have been looking at how we can change the negative statements we say or think about ourselves and certain situations into more positive statements or ways of looking at things. We can all be guilty of being too harsh on ourselves so the group have come up with positive alternatives.  The group decided some of them sounded like things you would find in a fortune cookie!

Instead of thinking / saying…..

I am not good at this…….change to………….. right now  OR yet OR I could get better OR keep trying I can improve

I’m awesome at this……change to……….I can help someone else improve OR I can always get better OR not everyone is good at the same thing

I give up……change to….. I will keep trying OR what went wrong? OR I’ll try again later

This is too hard…..change to…… I will ask for help OR it will get easier OR I am going to plough through OR I’ll come back to it another time with a more positive mindset

I can’t do this any better……change to…...I’ve done everything I could OR I know someone who can help OR I am doing this the best I can OR I will try again

I made a mistake ……change to……This is something I can fix and learn from OR If you don’t succeed try again OR I will try to correct it, everyone makes mistakes

I just can’t do this at all….change to…..try something different OR I will take a break OR I’ll try, even if I fail at first

I will never be as smart as….change to…..I’m good at other things OR but I could have more skills OR everyone has their own strengths so don’t try to be someone else

It’s good enough…..change to….I’ll do the very best I can OR for now, I’ll try again later OR I should try my best

I’ll never get this…..change to……Look at it another way OR but I’ll continue OR I will try again another time

Plan A didn’t work….change to…..Plan B? OR Plan B – Z OR let’s try another plan

So next time you find yourself saying or thinking some of the above statements remember the alternatives you could tell yourself


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