Week 2 Summer 2018 (A Wild Ride)


Well, its only taken a week for me to fall behind in the blogs, but in my defence, last week was by all accounts extemely.

Monday Started off with 8am starts for all workers as we had a mixed group of young people go to flamingo land, while Helping Hands was in Edinburgh. Both activities went amazingly well and the only downs we had were those you get on a roller coaster.

Tuesday was another loooooong day as we started the day at 9:30am taking the Phoenix Construction group into the centre of newcastle to test their critical thinking skills in an escape room, which they managed with a second to spare (talk about close to the wire). The evening saw us start phase one of the next stage of Phoenix Bowl development as they young people worked with Dynamix, looking at how we can make the space safe and fun for all. This was an amazing session which kept staff busy till 10pm

Wednesday saw us needing coffee on an IV drip as it was another early start as we were taking the young parents and their kids to Light Water Valley. As with Flaming Land, we had a full bus. The Parents and Kids loved it as with having more parents and PDYP staff, it meant that the parents got a chance to go on a few of the bigger rides for once.

Thursday saw two helping hands groups go out, the first to Pots N Pancakes, the second to Bowling, these are great chances for the young people to socialise and do fun activities. Meanwhile we also had one to one support with young people ranging from taking a young person to get a passport, to teaching graffiti art to another.

Week 2 was as fast paced as expected and week 3 is gearing up to be another mental one but we wouldnt want it any other way

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