Week 3 (Having a splash)


Week 3 has been and gone and as expected, Ive already fell behind in the blogs

In terms of activities, it was another busy one. We had another group of younger ones to light water valley, we had helping hands out doing pots n pancakes and a few other activities, we had the construction scheme doing fencing and archery and friday saw us with the sports development going coasteering. It was a hectic week and while this blog might seem sparse, its because we have been so busy and trying to remember anything while we are near the residential week, has been difficult.

but i promise the next blog will better


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This week we have been involved in the National drive to raise awareness of childrens mental health.

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Well ive done it again, ive neglected the blogs, but i promise you despite the silence on here, we have been up to alot of exciting stuff and il do some catch up blogs to let everyone know some of

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Posted by Luke